I just renewed the hosting for Story McStoryface, and I’m happy to say I have a project for 2021 to make it less like throwing money in hole and lighting it on fire.

2020 was a desert for me, creatively, primarily because I have elementary-aged kids and all my time and energy was used for school and shoring up everyone’s crumbling mental health. We’re definitely not on the other side of that, but I am able to work a little bit. I have a huge backlog of serious writing to complete, but I can’t right now. Instead, I’ve rediscovered an old idea (always write those down, you won’t just “remember,” especially at 47 while the world is on fire), and I think this silly bullshit is just what I need at the moment. Do you need it? *shrug* I have no idea.

One of the things I enjoyed about the story project was serializing the longer stories–it’s a special kind of challenge to make a longer story work in small parts and not just meander out into nonsensical nothing. I’m going to see if I can make the site work a little better for that, and post a short installment about once a week. I think this story will take the better part of the year to tell. Up in the air currently whether I’ll be able to do an audio version. MY KIDS ARE ALWAYS HERE. Maybe I should make the kids read it. *thinks about the content* No, probably not. (One kid just wandered in and said, “Oh, that’s where the weird music was coming from.” They do not share my tastes.)

Well, Rebecka, what the hell is it? What are you blabbering on about?

I spent several minutes making this graphic. It turns out, you have to spend a couple of hours updating Photoshop when you don’t use it for a year. I feel like this is going to become a theme.

Yep. That’s it. I told you it was silly bullshit. Join me for the ongoing adventures of Hansel and Grendel, a nine-year-old boy in a hoody and a mythical monster of yore. I have five parts written, so I’m enough ahead to proceed into a publishing schedule despite the constant history-making we keep doing.

First installment next week. Be here or be somewhere else. Stay home, actually. I’ll deliver it just like I’m some kind of Grubhub for a stomach that reads instead of eats.

PS. I spent more time changing the theme on WordPress so the site is easier to navigate. No more scrolling through every word of the content to get to older stories. That wasn’t ever what *I* thought the settings were, but y’know. There’s a reason I’m not making my fortune as a web designer. If the site continues to be annoying, please tell me because it’s possible for me to fix it. Maybe.