“Chapter Twenty-five: Still Not Zombies, But Understandable Mistake” is live on Kindle Vella.

In fact, ALL of Hansel and Grendel is now available on Kindle Vella! You can access it here. The really good news is that you can start at whatever episode you left off with, so if you’re all caught up, you can go straight to Chapter 25. The other REALLY good news is that your first 200 Tokens are free. Since Hansel and Grendel runs an average of 10ish Tokens per episode, you can get quite a ways further in the story without spending a dime.

How does Kindle Vella work? Well, you can read either on the Amazon.com website or iOS Kindle app. Search for “Hansel and Grendel” or click the link above and you’ll see the story. The first three episodes of every story are free, and each following episode is unlocked using Tokens. The number of Tokens depends on the length of the episode, and roughly works out to 1 Token per 100 words. Tokens are pretty reasonable–a story like Hansel and Grendel will run between $8-10 in its entirety.

Because Vella is a pay-to-play service, I have also spent some time adding an Author’s Note to every single episode. Those will only be visible on Vella, so maybe that’s a little extra incentive to check it out.

Be sure to hit Follow on the story to get an update from Vella when new episodes go live. I will post an update here every week as well, but following on Vella will get you immediate access even if I’m not on top of it.

I’m getting into the real meat of the story now as I hit the second half, and I sincerely hope you’ll hop over and see what happens next. There a ton of stuff already loaded on Vella to check out no matter what your interest, and all of it has the first three episodes free.

A teaser from this week’s episode:

A partially full belly and warm fire put Hansel to sleep like a shot-out streetlight. Grendel wasn’t far behind. They were two travelers snoring under a full moon, fire crackling, completely exposed and not at all careful of what or who might be creeping in the dark, on what would turn out to be a very bad night for creeping whos and whats.

Feel free to leave me comments here! Thanks for reading and I’ll see you at Vella.